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A baby with blue eyes and muscles in the air.

At the beginning of every company’s product or service inception there is an offering.  This is the nucleus of what you sell and the driving force behind its survival. The quality of this is ultimately what you stand for as a brand and your development of that becomes your baby.

Each facet of your baby’s brand development is and should be a major concern in which you’ll want to take great care in its growth, strength and most importantly appeal. The appeal has to be undeniable to not only survive but to be truly successful.

Your brand’s first baby steps

Getting it to stand for something in order to grow. This is about how others recognize what your brand is made of and worth. This is a major step because it requires integrity and for someone to believe you have that is critical for your baby to be able to walk on its own without struggling.  Integrity comes from being able to deliver on your promise without question. It is here that you need to nourish your brand to represent something that people don’t just need but want.

Nourishing your brand’s strength

Getting your brand strength is needed to walk and eventually run. Strength comes from recognizing and understanding your value to customers. This becomes real when you demonstrate what your brand’s product can do and are inspiring enough that it grows on customers.

Muscles are developed for growth by exercising this repeatedly so that the marketplace notices it and you start to create a solid foundation to become appealing. And you want this to be undeniable.

Achieving undeniable appeal

This really supports your brand’s recognition as something that defines a special identity. Here is where your baby takes on a life of its own because its brand integrity is not questioned but redefined by customers who love it. Every step it takes, every move it makes, is welcomed and supported because it matters to people.

For those responsible for current or potential brands of businesses and products who recognize the importance of their baby’s brand success in the marketplace, remember it’s one thing to be cute and another to be undeniable.

Steve Climons is  Brand Developer of Crossover Creative, a results-driven, award-winning brand marketing and advertising consultancy. Schedule a Call. He can be reached at