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Brand Conviction


You believe in your company and want your customers and the marketplace to believe in it too. But don't want to spend an arm and two legs to do it.

Crossover Creative wants to help based on major global brand marketing and advertising agency experience supporting an understanding of what works best for the world’s most successful companies.

As a brand marketing creative consultant, there is also an understanding of how to speak to various audiences having targeted the general, urban multicultural markets and women. Categories include:

 Packaged goods, Banking-Finance, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Technology, Wine & Spirits, Retail, Fast Food, Recruitment, Health & Safety and Commercial Real Estate

The mission is to help small and midsize companies recognize their full potential by establishing why their brand matters and should not be denied by the marketplace.

The benefits are:

  • Defining the value, purpose, and strengths of your brand’s product or service that is appreciated by customers and stands out in your category
  • Establish a foundation for achieving brand recognition, sales, brand preference and brand relationships that matter

It's called finding undeniable appeal.

Key People

Who seek to find the undeniable appeal of companies and their brands.

Steve Climons

Brand Developer

Words that best describe the qualities of Steve Climons are integrity, passionate, tangible, compelling and entrepreneurial. With major global brand experience in every major category of business, he knows how to achieve major brand recognition and success.

Steve graduated with a BFA from a Bay Area art school not realizing that his ideas in illustration would be grounds to be a creative in advertising. Trading speakers for a first-class round trip ticket to NY with $400 and a portfolio he ended up working on Madison Ave for over ten years. 

From NY and back to his native California he has a solid background for brand development in every major category of business including British Airways, Smirnoff, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Hanes, Chase, Citibank as well as Sony, GM, McDonald’s and Safeway.

His experience from working at NY ad agencies as well as President, Creative Director of his own in the San Francisco Bay Area has won numerous awards not only for creativity but marketing effectiveness. His goal now as a Brand Developer is to help companies, at any stage, get the brand recognition and success they deserve.

Sharyn O’Keefe

Director of Business Development

Sharyn was born and raised in the SF Bay Area. She began her career in sales and customer support as the legal account representative for Exxon Office Systems. She furthered her legal experience by becoming the in-house office automation specialist at one of the largest law firms in San Francisco.

Looking to become more in touch with her creative side, while utilizing her skills understanding people’s needs and concerns especially in finding their undeniable appeal, she consults for Crossover Creative as the Director of Business Development.

 Sharyn is also a professionally trained interior redesign and home staging specialist and enjoys decorating and rearranging people’s spaces. In addition she has worked as an event planner at UC Berkeley and loves to throw a good party!