America in its most densely populated areas is changing. It is much more multicultural with most of its growth coming from the immigration of Hispanics and Asians. These in addition to the nation’s second largest racial and ethnic minority, African Americans, you now have majority-minority populations in major cities across the country.

For some reason in spite of this country’s original population of various immigrants that migrated from Europe, the disrespect for these new immigrants has a stigma that goes against its history. This is the same stigma because of slavery that has long challenged African Americans with discrimination.

Why is it even after electing the first African American president twice, America is struggling with its new evolution of color by profiling and stereotyping minorities? This is supposed to be the land of the free and the brave. And yet today not only law enforcement but also modern day neighborhood vigilantes assume that primarily black and brown people are suspect and responsible for any wrongdoing.

What about anything right? And their pursuit of happiness? Or in modern terms their infinite possibilities. America is about liberty and justice for all. This is what makes this country great.

To discriminate against, racially profile and stereotype minorities, who now in some cities are the majority, you are limiting that big time.

This is not to advocate not prosecuting criminals but rather to recognize that stereotyping and racial profiling can have deadly consequences. Look at two cases of young black youths that were both subject of profiling and stereotyping. One, in the case of Oscar Grant in Oakland, CA deemed a troublemaker who was killed by an inexperienced police officer and two, Trayvon Martin killed because of his wearing a hoody that was thought to be suspicious.

In both of these cases there were perceptions about these two young men that went too far.

Assumptions made that are now setbacks in relationships with communities. And let us not forget the victims who are missing now from America’s progress in evolving that should be based on recognizing and accepting its heritage.

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