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Succesful team

In our life experiences we as individuals have been put in situations where we are part of a group or team that has to make decisions together.  We may not realize it at the time but our input and participation is important to the group and consequently affects the outcome of the decision.

In these situations we have to weigh things to the best of our abilities and evaluate their merit to give an opinion or a vote for or against. Along with our evaluation is the concern for others within the group whose opinion and backgrounds may be different from ours but from their point of view is the right way to go.  Based on that it is critical that we truly listen, understand and if need be challenge because it could make the difference in a group decision.

This is where we need to recognize our freedom and rights as individuals to voice our opinions even if they are contrary to others. But it is also very important in this situation that we recognize others rights as well and the consequences behind not resolving a matter or issue.

What is at stake here is “justice for all” in hearing opinions that could be different or complementary to others. We live in a democracy where you have the right to agree to disagree as long as your opinion can be resolved with others to determine a consensus. This could be for anything from a product’s brand, jury verdict, to a decision by the U.S. Congress.

So what do we do in this situation in order to come to some agreement that will add up to a consensus? Find harmony.

Harmony is when someone says something that you may not agree with but you suggest one word or thing that is acceptable to him or her and it changes it for the better. It is liken to music when two different instruments or voices come together playing or singing different musical notes that sound pleasing together.

When this harmony occurs amazing things can happen like (no pun intended) sound decisions.

Steve Climons is Chief Brand Developer of Crossover Creative, a results-driven, award-winning marketing and advertising consultancy, and can be reached at [email protected]