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If you’re a business that sells products or an organization that provides a service to communities your brand needs to offer more than that. The quality of your product or service offering is important to people because it is what they buy and identify you with as a brand. This quality should mean something to them in their lives. That’s where they can either love it or hate it.  Your brand identity is what people recognize, remember and when they get to know you better from repeat purchases can support a relationship. Once a relationship is established then they form an opinion on your brand to share.

The key here is “to share” your brand’s identity, which can be very positive if what you represent matters beyond just your monetary gain. In whatever type of business or organization you are there is value in it also representing a positive impact on people’s lives and their communities.

Your brand’s business can represent a product that is a preventive cure to a popular deadly disease or your organization’s brand service can represent the safety and protection of communities. Each of these are obvious reason why someone would think your brand matters to them and their communities, but what if your business or organization doesn’t represent those particular things?

Well let’s look at how your business or organization’s brand’s identity could represent something that matters to their customers and communities. It really comes down to what your company’s product or organization’s services does that makes a difference in the lives of your customers.

People care about the brands of companies and organization’s products and services that can represent the following:

  • Purpose in what you provide that addresses real needs and issues. People like brands that help meet real dilemmas in life and this can include dealing with a lot of things from education, career, money, family to housing, food, health, security and success
  • Understanding the problems people can have in their lives and provide solutions. This is where a brand’s sensitivity comes in to play with people by helping to solve their criteria for wanting the best for their families and communities
  • Supporting something that is much needed and important in life. Your brand should count in the minds of people based on what it stands for with the challenges in the growth of their lives. Be remembered for this quality of your brand’s offering
  • Recognizing what can make a difference in lives. Does the quality of your brand’s offering contain something that is undeniable in the lives of your customers? If you can confirm this then your brand obviously makes a difference to people

People buy brands for many reasons but the ones that matter stand out not for what they cost but how important they are in their lives.

Steve Climons

Author: Steve Climons

Purposeful and passionate brand marketing and advertising consultant who defines the brand of a business with solutions that matter to people. Steve Climons obtained a solid background from NY and CA in every major category of business (packaged goods, finance, automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, retail, fast food, technology, recruitment) within the general market including experience in targeting the ethnic market and women.

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