Hershey’s - Potential is Sweet.

This video is part of Hershey’s Track and Field Program promotion to get youth to participate in activities that will help them develop. It actually supported a local track meet in San Jose, CA. The undeniable appeal is the execution of three youths each representing a track competition and the title “Potential is Sweet.” which supported Hershey’s “Making the world a sweeter place.”

McDonald’s - Visualize

How do you get someone to talk about their favorite dish from McDonald’s without them seeing it? Based on having done radio for McDonald’s hot n spicy chicken wings we decided to do an original blind taste test.

Sun Tropics - Taste More Fruit

These two :15 second spots were completely focused on demonstrating the efficacy of the products based on the brand statement of tasting more fruit. They were a lift from the online banner campaign creative expanded and enhanced nominally, but the core creative element, the basic animated action at its core, remains the heart of the messaging.