RPD: Recruitment

This brochure for the Richmond Police Department (RPD) recognized that it had its share of violence and a key objective was to be well represented by individuals who were either from or understood their communities. The photo on this brochure shows real cadets from the city. The key here was self-assessment for young candidates in its quality over quantity approach in communications.

Sun Tropics

This sales brochure represented the brand statement “Taste more fruit.”, in a setting true to Sun Tropics and a visual true to the statement. It carried sales sheets of the different lines of Sun Tropics brand products they make for their distributors.

Neighborhood Safety Director

This recruitment brochure a Neighborhood Safety Director in Richmond made a big statement about the diversity and culture of the city. The focus was not only for someone who could understand the diverse communities but be a leader for the youth, which represents the city’s future.