Sun Tropics “Taste more fruit.”

Sun Tropics Premium Nectars brand in the San Francisco Bay Area wanted to attract an audience beyond their current Asian customer base to grow its potential and support distribution. What we found out that was undeniable from customers was the taste of real fruit, which was executed in an attention-getting brand campaign that leveraged the target audience’s lifestyle online. The 0.13% click through rate was well above the average by Google Double Click for CPGs (0.10).

RPD “Community of Leaders.”

The key objectives were to increase the number of qualified applicants with candidates that represented individuals who understood their communities. The strategy was to acknowledge and appeal to what was needed and what the police force represents – leaders and focused on quality over quantity. The campaign execution included a “teaser” with a call to action payoff to a compelling website.

This resulted 17,146 website visits, 94.07% were new visitors and 5.93% were returning indicating 16,136 unique visitors with 821 applications downloaded. This garnered 300 qualified applicants and 30 new officers.

OPD “It’s more than you think.”

When the homicide rate got out of control in Oakland, the obvious concern for the city was the support for public safety. The need was more officers but with the sensitivity and understanding of Oakland's diverse communities. The issue was recognizing the negative perceptions of Oakland and its police force.

The strategies were utilizing a call to action based on the value and challenges of the job positioned against the negative perceptions. The execution was Outdoor, Print, Radio, Cable TV and Internet with SEM and Banner ads. The results averaged 10 to 15 applicants a day for 3 months and filled 3 police academies to capacity with a total of 300 applicants each. 1.8 million visitors to OPD's website and strong recall to “Justice Pays.”