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It is very hard when you start a business or create a product to not get caught up in developing every aspect of its existence. This can become a day in and day out job that constantly focuses on executing everything from research, testing, packaging and ultimately branding for the marketplace.

Along the way you create checks and balances that you and your team adhere to as your “standards for excellence” in understanding what your business or product’s brand represents to you and your potential customers. You make those standards stick in the minds of your team because it represents the quality of your brand’s offering and what you want the marketplace to experience and believe     as well.

But when it comes to marketing what you believe and what the marketplace believes may be two different things. And when you are caught up in the checks and balances of creating your brand’s standards of excellence you may not see it. This is where you need to look outside yourself and your company for someone to give you objectivity in how your brand appeals to the marketplace.

The following are four areas where someone qualified can objectively help in developing your company or product’s brand appeal:

1.  Understand the category and competition. This is where experience comes in to recognize the principles and value of the business in the marketplace. Having some background and knowledge that relates to a business category gives credibility in understanding how to   distinguish a brand.

2.  Understand the need. For every company’s product or service there has to be a need. Knowing how to recognize why a company’s brand product is needed is critical to understanding its value in the marketplace.

3.  Understand the audience. Who buys and why they would buy your company’s brand comes from experience in knowing what motivates people logically and emotionally. Today’s audience is evolving to be more tech savvy and diverse.

4.  Understand your quality. This is where someone has to have experience in knowing how to truthfully distill the benefit of the essence in what your brand stands for in appealing to potential customers. And this should be undeniable.

By having someone outside your company helping to market your brand’s appeal you get valuable objective opinions beyond yourself and keep in touch with the reality of the marketplace.

Steve Climons is Chief Brand Developer of Crossover Creative, a results-driven, award-winning marketing and advertising consultancy, and can be reached at

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